20, Sep 2023
Wauy to Style Sparkling Bridesmaid Without Upstaging Bride

A bride can be many things…Peacemaker, negotiator, accountant, protégé of Martha Stewart, food critic, event organizer and even stylist… for most brides, dressing their bridesmaids is the only time they have the last word on what someone else is wearing. From top to toe and everything in between, your Look is in the hands of the bride, including her jewelry – the most important finishing touch! Creating an appropriate, affordable and beautiful look that matches the theme is a difficult task, complicated by the age-old fear that bridesmaids will rush the bride! So, here are our tips for the bridal stylist when choosing jewelry for her maid and herself…

Jewelry is a key element in your bridesmaids’ style, let it shine with your jewelry and treat the dress like a blank canvas on which to build. Remember that it is much easier to play, style and experiment with jewelry than with dresses.

Stay within the Budget with a professional jeweler like Bill Hicks Jewellery Design. You can choose pieces from the ready-made collection or use the custom design service. Bill Hicks jewelry design offers personalized and very fashionable pieces for any sophisticated bride. In their recently launched online store you can buy according to your Budget and look for silver, 9 carat or 18 carat coins, diamonds and pearls or colored coins gemstones…so you can customize according to your Budget!

Use the wedding dress to evaluate the jewelry style. A simple wedding dress will call for simple bridesmaid jewelry, while a more elaborate wedding dress means that you can flash them accordingly.

Pay attention to the style of the bridesmaid’s dress, recommends Alicia Stickel from Bill Hicks Jewellery Design. She suggests a pendant or long earrings for dresses with a low or low bodice, short or long earrings and a simple bracelet with pearls or precious stones for the neckline or more and she insists on keeping it simple for complex tops or busy dresses.

Use colored gemstones, diamonds and pearls to match them with the color scheme of the wedding. Consider the bridesmaids as part of the overall appearance of the wedding, they complement the bride and the entire color scheme. Add a subtle color with colored gemstones in a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

Choose jewelry according to the wedding theme. Whether it’s a vintage affair, a classic white wedding or an elegant and modern celebration, your jewelry must reflect reality. Bill Hicks jewelry design creates jewelry based on themes, so it’s easy to choose from a collection that embodies the era.

Opposites attract, and the more of them, the better. Distinguish the bridesmaids from the bride with opposite jewelry or a smaller version of the statement piece that the bride is wearing.

Double your jewelry as a thank you. Make bridesmaid jewelry your thank you gift, what better way than to thank your bridesmaid and your bridesmaids and even your little bridesmaid than with a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will cherish for years to come. It’s also a good Budget!

We asked Alicia from Bill Hicks Jewellery Design to create harmonious combinations of bridal/bridesmaid jewellery, as well as other pieces perfect for sparkly bridesmaids! To celebrate the launch of their new online store, Bill Hicks Jewellery is offering modern brides a 10% discount if you like Bill Hicks Jewellery on Facebook-this includes bridal, bridesmaid and wedding rings! The offer is valid until 12/31/13.

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