10, Sep 2023
This Is Average Carat Size for Diamond Engagement Ring

You and your partner get serious and you start buying engagement rings. Of course, it’s fun (who doesn’t like looking at rows of sparkling jewels?), but it’s also intimidating. How do you know which diamond size to get? Perhaps you have questions such as: “What is considered too big or too small?”or “what carat size is best for my hand?”and “what carat size should I wear most comfortably every day?”It is quite difficult to buy expensive jewelry, let alone such an important item.

I want you to wear it forever!

To answer all your questions, we consulted Anna Jay, diamond expert. Find out in advance about the size of diamonds for engagement rings and what you need to know when choosing yours.

What is the average carat size of engagement rings?

“The average carat size of a diamond changes dramatically depending on its location and demographics,” says Jay. In the United States, for example, the national average for an engagement ring is about one carat. In the UK, it is 0.6 carats, and in Europe it is even smaller, fluctuating around 0.5 carats.

Age also matters. Jay’s youngest clients, people in their twenties or early thirties, usually choose one to two carat diamonds. “The older my clients get, the bigger the diamonds get,” she says. This is probably because older people have had more time to save and are more advanced in their careers, which allows them to spend more money on jewelry.

What is a “big” engagement ring?

When you buy an engagement ring, it’s easy to get excited about buying a “big” diamond. There’s this idea that the bigger the better, something that social media has exacerbated, says Jay. “Because of social media, I see the desire to have diamonds with a greater carat weight.”

But the concept of a “big” engagement ring is also subjective. “A ‘big’ Diamond is really relative to each person’s hand,” she reveals. “A four-finger single-character Diamond may seem very large, while an eight-finger single-character Diamond may seem smaller.”

This is not even the only factor that determines the size of a ring. “The shape is also a contributing factor in the size of a diamond. An elongated one-carat Diamond, whether oval or pear-shaped, will face the human eye larger than a square shape would like an Asscher or princess cut.”

Because of this reality, she encourages her clients not to focus on a certain number of carats or on what others consider a “big” engagement ring diamond. “Instead of focusing on the number, I suggest focusing on what you like, what suits you best and working with a jeweler who can help you find a beautifully cut diamond,” says Jay.

How to find the right carat size for you

“The most important thing when buying a diamond is your Budget,” she says. “There is an old saying that your partner should spend three months of his salary to buy your engagement ring, but in reality the number should be what your partner and you comfortably spend.”If you are a little guilty about your engagement ring, you can get so scared every time you look at it!

Once you have decided on a Budget, you can move on to the fun part: choose the shape of your diamond. “Each diamond displays its carat weight a little differently, so the shape is an important factor to take into account,” adds Jay. “Some people like the classic elegance of a round brilliant, while others admire the gallery effect of a diamond that is not cut like an emerald cut.”

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