15, Sep 2023
Top V Neck Plus Size Wedding Dresses for Curvy Brides

If you have your eye on curvy wedding dresses for your big day, a stunning bodice treatment should be at the top of your shopping list! One of our favorite details is a V-neck. It’s flattering, versatile and so easy to style with jewelry and accessories. This category of neckline also offers a variety of […]

25, Aug 2023
Pretty Candle Wedding Favors Look as Lovely as Smell

If you are looking for the perfect gifts that reflect your wedding in a unique way and are not thrown away after the reception, add candle wedding favors to the top of your List. Think about it-the candles can be easily adjusted, they are the perfect size for your loved one on the way out […]

20, Aug 2023
Money to Spend on a Wedding Gift

Accepting a wedding invitation is pretty much a contractual obligation to get a gift for the happy couple, and no one wants to look like a cheapskate when the presents are opened. However, accepting a wedding invitation also means accepting travel and accommodation costs to attend, which can seriously damage your Budget. How can a […]

15, Aug 2023
Matter to Write in a Wedding Card to the Newlyweds

Writing wishes for a newlywed couple can be a daunting task. How do you sum up the joy and excitement you feel for your new adventure in a few simple judgments? If you have writer’s block, we have tips to familiarize yourself with etiquette from the expert Myka Meier that will help you avoid missteps. […]

10, Aug 2023
Self Care Tasks Should Not Take Backseat to Wedding Planning

Wedding planning doesn’t just take time – sometimes it can feel overwhelming. As your big day approaches, you may feel stressed, overwhelmed and a little (or a lot) too skinny. Self-care is an extremely important part of wedding and life planning that many often let slip through the cracks. Here are some self-care tasks that […]

1, Aug 2023
Way to Handle a Pre Wedding Breakout

It’s never a good time to see a big red pimple on your face, especially right before your wedding. A great escape a few days before the big day can seem like a total disaster. But since Stress can cause acne breakouts and planning a wedding can be stressful, it’s not that rare. No one […]