15, Aug 2023
Matter to Write in a Wedding Card to the Newlyweds

Writing wishes for a newlywed couple can be a daunting task. How do you sum up the joy and excitement you feel for your new adventure in a few simple judgments? If you have writer’s block, we have tips to familiarize yourself with etiquette from the expert Myka Meier that will help you avoid missteps.

Follow our guide on what to write in a wedding card and discover examples of wishes to create the wishes.

Tips for writing wedding cards

Name both names.

When writing wedding wishes, the most important thing is to send the card to both members of the couple. “If you know the bride, don’t make the mistake of sending her something very personal,” Meier says. “Now that she is married, the contents of the card should be relevant to both newlyweds.”

Make sure it’s not Generic.

Always include a note beyond what is prescribed in it. “Never sign your name under a distinctive message,” Meier says. “If you run out of words, say it in your writing. Try: “I found this card and these words were exactly how I felt.”This adds an extra accent to the card itself.”

Be careful with Humor.

Sarcasm on Paper can be difficult to read without a smiling face or a point of explanation. Avoid topics that could be sensitive to the couple, such as money or the duration of the relationship, and even if it should go without saying: no jokes about the cancellation.

Be personal.

The better you know them, the more personal the card can be. Go with a reminder that affects the couple. The signatures can be full of love; Meier’s Favorites are: “XOXO”, “delighted for you”, “delighted for you” and “madly in love with both of you.”

Wedding card label

Bring your card to the ceremony.

You should never show up at someone’s house without showing a sign of appreciation for the welcome, and the same goes for weddings. “It’s a nice gesture that shows gratitude for having been invited,” says Meier. This is true even if you have already sent the couple a gift or contributed to a Honeymoon Fund. “I write on the card ‘we hope you enjoy the gift we sent home,'” Meier says. In this way, you will tactfully recognize that your card was accompanied by a gift.

Hand it over to the right person.

If you do not see a gift station or card box when you arrive at the ceremony, contact the wedding planner or the event manager. They will bring your card to the bridal suite or any other designated place to keep it safe. No event professionals on site? Give your card to one of the couple’s Fathers or to the groomsman. “The reason has nothing to do with sex,” Meier says. “It’s about what you would wear. You would probably have a suit with pockets, while the moms or the bridesmaid probably have a small evening handbag or no pockets at all.”

Think about how you approach it.

Don’t know how the couple will handle the last names? There is a simple workaround: address the envelope with “to the newlyweds”, “to the married couple”, “to the married couple” or “to the married couple”.

Go with a check, not money.

Thinking of including a cash gift with your card? “If the money is misplaced, that’s it,” Meier says. “But if you give a check, you can follow it. If you find out that the check has not been cashed two months after the wedding, you can make sure that the couple has received it.”

Send one even if you can’t attend.

If you are invited to the wedding but cannot attend, you can send your card at any time between receiving your invitation and a few weeks after the big day. There is no real-time limit to telling a couple how happy you are for them.

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