30, Aug 2023
Beyond Welcome Bags Ways to Make Your Out of Town Guests

Although this is not planned, it is very nice to offer welcome bags to out-of-town wedding guests – bags or boxes filled with edible local treats, a card and more. “Offering comfort and hospitality to these special guests shows them how much it means to them to have come to celebrate this brand new chapter in their love story,” says Michelle Wright, owner of Michelle Wright Events in North Carolina. “The welcome bags are certainly a great way to start the hospitality for your guests. But there are so many other things you can do too.”Here are five expert-approved ways to make your guests feel even more welcome.

Write a personal note.

It’s easy to print a standard letter to all your wedding guests, but it’s so much more personal to write a message to any man or woman from out of town. “Handwritten notes are the most personal way by which you can communicate gratitude and love,” says Wright. “They need time, effort and there is something so traditional and classic about them. You carry a lot of weight when it comes to making someone feel like they have a disclaimer.”Leave it at your guests’ hotel when checking in or put it in your welcome bags,” Wright suggests.

Add an information card.

In each handwritten note, slide in “a simple information card that includes what’s nearby or what to do in town,” suggests Michelle Leo, owner of Michelle Leo Events in Utah. “Suggesting Restaurants and shops is useful so that customers can get the most out of the place where the event is taking place.”

Plan activities for the guests.

Outside customers often feel lost-or even worse, bored! – waiting for your wedding ceremony. Therefore, plan optional activities so that you can pass the time comfortably. “For example, when I organize weddings in Utah for target clients, I often organize fishing, Golfing, Rafting, hiking or cycling for clients to enjoy here,” says Leo. “People want to know where they are and the implementation of additional activities allows them to do so.”

Provide guests with a turndown service for the night.

Who doesn’t love a treat every night before bed? Then Wright suggests: “accompany the last visitation service with a handwritten calligraphic note from the newlyweds. Your first note as a couple can include sincere gratitude and a piece of your favorite poems, prayers or scriptures. The note could be attached to a beautiful garden rose or two fresh slices of wedding cake in a personalized box and ribbon.”

Ask the hotel staff to go above and beyond.

“Let the hotel staff know the expected arrival time of your guests so that the staff can greet them by name,” says Wright. “Be sure to open your doors and tell them how happy you are that the guest is here. Tell the staff to pass on your personal greeting as well. Your guests will feel at home and will enjoy gentle hospitality from the moment they arrive for their wedding weekend.”

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