5, Sep 2023
A Complete Guide to Diamond Carat

When you start buying a diamond engagement ring, you will quickly get used to hearing about the 4Cs: Cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Although this defines all the important aspects of a diamond, many buyers pay special attention to the carat weight.

To learn more about the carat diamond and its impact on your jewelry purchase, we spoke to two experts: Hannah Florman and Jen Oliak, who taught us all about the true meaning of the carat, how it affects the cost of your diamond and how to get the best deal for a larger size.

The importance of carats of diamonds

The meaning of the diamond carat is usually subjective, but what really influences the diamond carat is the price of the stone. According to Oliak, “The carat weight is often the most important aspect of the 4C used to determine the price of a diamond.”

That said, the diamond carat is really as important as you want it to be. “If you prioritize a very large stone, carat weight can be at the top of your must-have list,” says Florman. Those who do not believe that a larger stone is a necessity might find that other aspects of the diamond are more important than the carat weight.

How the carat affects the cost of a diamond

In general, the higher the carat, the higher the price of the diamond. “All other things being equal (size, clarity and color), the price of a diamond increases with the carat weight of the diamond, because larger diamonds are rarer and more desirable,” explains Mr. Florman. “However, two diamonds of the same carat weight can have very different values depending on the other three c’s.”

In other words, the carat of a diamond certainly has a significant impact on the cost of a diamond, but this is not the only determining factor in the price. You could have a diamond of a high carat weight, but if the clarity is not fantastic and the color is less than magnificent, the price will drop.

How the carat affects the size Of A diamond

Many people assume that the carat of the diamond corresponds to the size of the diamond, which is not true. Carat weight refers to the Mass of the diamond, and the size can affect the cut more than the carat.

“Believe it or not, a Diamond with a higher carat and an incorrect cut can look smaller than a Diamond with a smaller carat and a better cut,” says Florman. “For example, a one-carat round diamond is not half the size of a two-carat Diamond. A one-carat medal has an average diameter of 6.4 mm and a two-carat medal has an average diameter of 8 mm. “That is why Florman emphasizes the importance of not neglecting the smallest carat weight.

How the diamond carat is weighed

Jewelers use scales to measure the carat of a diamond, and the process is very simple. “All you need is a highly calibrated scale that can measure very small weights,” says Oliak. “Organizations such as the GIA or the AGS will have very precise scales.”

The Karat Points System

Jewelers usually use a point system when talking about carat weight, which is not often communicated to buyers. Nevertheless, it is useful to find out if it appears. “In the diamond industry, you can hear that a stone has an x number of points or an x point,” says Florman. “If you imagine a carat weight of 100, each point is .01 Of A Karate. A 90 pointer is therefore another way of referring to A.90 Carat Diamond.”

As Oliak explains, this is just one way to express the weight of the diamond for very small diamonds. As a buyer, you are more likely to hear that a stone has one carat, two carats or three carats, for example.

Buying tips and savings tips

Many buyers are eager to make Diamond karate their top priority, because many believe that a larger karate weight is automatically more impressive. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bigger karate weight, but it’s important to know that, as Oliak says, “bigger doesn’t always mean better.”You will find that the highest quality diamonds are exceptional in each of the 4c, not just in carats. Don’t ignore the other three c’s just to get a bigger diamond — this could lead you to buy a diamond with hidden inclusions, a bad color or a matte sheen.

Florman also points out that carat weight is not the bread and butter of diamonds. She suggests looking for slightly smaller carat weights at a lower price. “The difference between .The 10 carats are indistinguishable to the naked eye, but can make a significant price difference,” she says. The “magic sizes”, as they are called in the diamond industry, are particularly popular and therefore more expensive sizes. For example, a two-carat stone can be much more expensive than a 1.90-carat stone that looks great.”

If you have adjusted your heart to a larger carat size, but are still working on a Budget, Oliak recommends choosing a diamond shape with a larger surface area, such as a shiny round shape, which is the largest among diamond shapes due to the weight distribution.

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